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Data detectors in Lion

How good are data detectors on Lion?  Really good.  Check out this example of their integration in Apple Mail:

Inbox  13527 messages 3 unread

As in Leopard and Snow Leopard, anything that resembles a date or time is picked up if you hover the cursor over it.  But look at the dialog that appears when I accept the offer to add the event to iCal:


The app has read through the entire mail, noted the 2pm, associated it with my chosen date, and combined the two into a calendar appointment.  Not bad!

DorisDesktop 1.8 – iCal integration

Doris Desktop 1.8 is now ready to download from the new, dedicated website.

Screen shot 2011 07 04 at July 4 11 41 24

New in this release:

  • Link detection added in task description, as well as spell checker and auto-correction
  • Data detectors enabled, effectively this means we have iCal integration!
  • Added links in Help section for online help and feature requests sites
  • Restricted to Snow Leopard and added warning for other users
  • some minor UI tweaks, like now you can use the Return key to submit new tasks

Airbnb Taps Facebook, Lets You Crash With Friends Of Friends

Airbnb Taps Facebook, Lets You Crash With Friends Of Friends:

If you haven’t discovered Airbnb, check it out, it’s the Ebay or Amazon of travel accommodation, a great way to find places to stay while abroad or even local, and often a lot better and cheaper than what you would find on typical travel sites.

With their latest Facebook integration Airbnb has hit the masterstroke: you can now see properties around the globe either hosted by your friends or circle of trusted contacts, or that they’ve used and rated.  One of the most useful applications of “social media” I’ve seen in ages.

Facebook Pages suggest to friends not working

Suggest to friends

There’s a lot of useless information in Google around why the suggest to friends feature of Facebook Pages is not working.

The essence seems to be

  • the feature is definitely broken, no one you suggest will receive emails
  • it’s been broken for over 4 months now,  possibly 6
  • Facebook doesn’t disable a broken feature, strange
  • you can kind of get around it by going to your Facebook page, then at the bottom of the left hand column, click the Share link, and either post your page to your profile (some people will see it in their news feed) or email it directly up to max. 20 people
  • why? apparently Facebook would rather users spend money on their ads to promote their pages

UPDATE: Here is a link from Dave Nattriss that explains what’s going on.  Basically a box is now sometimes available in the right hand column called the Page Suggestion Manager that let’s you see if someone’s recommended you any pages, and you can take action from there.  I was unable to see the box after a lot of browsing around, however if you use the Facebook search for the term “Page Suggestion Manager” the box appears in the RHS of the search results.