New York Nearest Subway Augmented Reality App for iPhone 3GS

A client showed me this today, really impressive.

SpinVox in tailspin

Fascinating tale, the wave of bad tidings for UK speech-to-text provider SpinVox.  Read the comments, possibly some of the worst employer indictments I’ve ever heard.

How credit crunch is affecting freelancers and small business

As a FreeAgent central user I received the results of the Freelancer Report 2009 survey, very interesting I must say.  Recommended reading, check it out.


Building your first iPhone app

The folks over at Packt publishing have published a nice succinct overview to get you started building your first iPhone app.  Of course it’s a Hello World! program, and, despite a few errors, it serves as a useful introduction, including a brief overview of the structure of the iPhone OS .

In order to make the example work

  • ignore the references to FirstApp.m, the author is referring to FirstAppAppDelegate.m which was created for you
  • you also need to remove [window addSubview:viewController.view]; from the applicationDidFinishLaunching method

iPhone Development Emergency Guide

Matt Gemmell recently published the iPhone Development Emergency Guide – quite handy if you’re just getting into iPhone development.

How much does it cost to build an iPhone app?

“I have an idea for an iPhone application.”

Just kidding ;-)  Sure you’ve heard this phrase a million times too, and everyone wants you to sign their NDA so you can be let into their inner circle and gain access to the golden wisdom.

Turning iPhone ideas into applications is a bit dated now, with respect to some of the prices quoted which have since lowered a little, but it is a refreshing insight into what really counts when it comes to building a killer iPhone app: execution, execution, execution :-)

Building a viral loop into your software

A very interesting article from FastCompany about how Ning’s software model is built around a viral loop that gave it an excellent chance of success.

What goes into building an iPhone game


Check out this detailed account from Streaming Colour about what went into developing Dapple, a top-selling game.  The developer gives a detailed account of the work involved included a week-by-week breakdown covering 27 weeks.

Android versus iPhone Development: A Comparison


This article has a great comparison between iPhone and Android development.  It breaks down all aspects of development including:

  • language, model and platform
  • testing and continuous integration
  • resources and tooling
  • IDE
  • UI builder
  • debugger
  • profiler and heap analysis
  • appstore/sales

An excellent rebuttal to this article can be read here.